Day 28: Laser Eye Surgery?

So today I am feeling grumpy 😦 I didn’t sleep well last night as my asthma is really bad at nights at the moment and I think I have a mild eye infection on waking this morning. I had to change the second lot of Elijah’s sheets because from wetting the bed last and so had to shower one child and make the slowest child in the world get dressed and ready for school. Mornings are not my favorite time but I was pleased we were ready on time to do the 20 min walk to school – and for the first time Elijah walked all the way… no pram, no carrys, one moan -but not a bad one! Achievement!
So my eyes are feeling watery and my contact lenses have been really uncomfortable this week. I don’t think I’ll need any drops but a few days off the contacts, and its probably about time I ordered some new ones. Contact lenses are a costly business and I do keep questioning what I think about laser eye surgery. I would have discounted it but when I was at uni I added up the cost of my lenses over a few years and worked out quite clearly that laser eye surgery would make me a big saving. I’m not in a position to afford the outlay now anyway but I feel I want to look more into it. Its a weird idea and it would help if I knew more people who had had it done. The only people I know are Cat Deely and I think Philip Schofield… not that I know them but I have seen them on tv which just is the closest I get to lasered eyes!
So the big minus points as I can work out;
There seems to be a disclaimer that says it ‘might not work’
I once read an article where someone described the process and used the words ‘feels like something is sucking your eye out briefly’ (eeeeeeeew)
BUT … and my Dad would say… ‘just wear glasses – its nothing but vanity that makes you wear contact lenses’ – (my Dad wears glasses with clip on sunglasses and walks around with them flicked out and makes spreadsheets of the top 100 DVDs he thinks he should own, and owns a Vanilla Ice LP – There’s a certain amount of advice I will not take from my dad in certain areas of life) I love my glasses but its a psychological thing… like my name… I love the name Amanda but call it me and I will become 12 and told off. I can’t work well in an environment where people call me Amanda – I just become weird and insecure. In glasses I’m totally unproductive… I may as well be in my pjamas- thats how they make me feel…as well as them just not being as easy, effective or good as lenses.
People who don’t need either won’t understand but having restored vision WOULD be amazing. It would be amazing to be able to see first thing in the morning, or when woken up in the middle of the night by the children. It would be amazing (not that I do it often) to spontaneously decide to stay out for the night without having packed my lense solution and cases. Ugh the stress the time I went down to the Cotswolds for my uncle’s funeral and left my toiletry bag sitting on the stairs at home forgotton. Not only did I have NO MAKEUP AT ALL (!) but I had no case or solution. The choices: 1.try to sleep with a bit of dry glass in my eyes – the most horrible thing ever, 2.throw them out and waste £18 and not be able to drive, or see for that matter, 3. drive around the cotswolds at gone midnight triyng to find a 24 hour supermarket – my aunty lives in a little village which doesn’t even have a local shop for an hours drive- let alone a big tesco. That sort of thing is a hassle. I also would be able to have fun swimming. Swimming in lenses is a pain. The moment someone swims past and splashes you accidentally, even a little and it goes in your eyes… end of a nice swimming time. Swim underwater? No. Play with your children and have a relaxed time. No – you cant let them near your face. Sensible head above water swimming only… or don’t wear them and you can’t see which ones are your kids anyway and could well end up in the men’s changing room, or the cafe in your wet cossie at the end of your swim anyway.
Its about time to do a bit more research on it I think 🙂

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