Day 27: Counting Socks

Yes… counting socks… a new money saving strategy. Well actually counting socks has saved me £4.50 this week but generally a major sort out must therefore save you more!
Our house can be made to appear tidy. Things generally have a place and work stuff has for the past 4 years taken up a lot of the spaces I could use for other things … but one piece of GREAT news is that our trustees have agreed that we can hire the office space! I can’t believe what a difference that will make, both to our working week and to my house! We’ve not quite got enough to be able to afford it as we also are trying to factor into the budget the running costs of a van… but thats a faith journey we’re taking and the finance is not my call in GoldDigger so I don’t have to apply financial strategy there!…
So back to the socks… Things in our house tend to get stuffed into the right places but inside that right place is a terrible mess. My wardrobe for example is a heap of clothes behind a door with no order or system (which is bad news as my ONLY new years resolution this year was to keep my wardrobe tidy!) and Holly, who does not have a wardrobe, has 2 big under bed draws, one for underwear and school uniform and the other for everything else. Getting ready to go back to school I’ve noticed parents have this compulsive nature to go and stock up on all school things. Well I knew, as I’d accidentally ordered her school jumpers far too big, that she wont be needing anything off the uniform order list till at least Y4! so I just did the trip to the shoe shop for a measure. She’d not changed shoe size since last Christmas… so logically there is no point buying new shoes is there? I knew she always complained she could never find matching socks so I put some in my supermarket trolley last time I was in there… then I took them out- being in a ruthless mood and wanted to save £4.50. Well I must have aimlessly bought things so many times … What happens is that I can’t find what I probably have somewhere so I buy some more… Actually in tidying through Holly’s draw with her last night we found out, once we’d put coloured socks in the other draw, thrown out ones without pairs, she still has 31 pairs of school socks! (Well… if I’d known that I could get by with just one wash a month!)
So this spurred me on and on my early night before the start of the school term I managed to start clearing out and organising my wardrobe at 1.30am-Bad move as I’m shattered -but I’ve found so many things I’d forgotten I had and its definitely curbed a shopping urge I was starting to get as I’ve noticed that a few things I was starting to get ‘the want’ for actually have a similar looking twin in my wardrobe already. I was going to take a photo of my wardrobe pre tidy – just to shame myself into looking after it… but the urge at 1.30am was too strong and I just got on with the task in hand. I even put out my clothes ready for the morning… and enjoyed that I’d done that at 7 am this morning… it meant I didn’t just throw on whatever was on the top of the heap of clothes on my chair! Will I keep it up…? I don’t know. I’ve been at this place so many times before and I tend to think people are just tidy – or they’re not – and generally I’m in the NOT team but I’ll keep trying!!

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