Day 26: The Spreadsheet Collection

Ok.. so budget kicked in a few days ago. Normally whenever we go away we get overdrawn. While away from the internet we find it impossible to keep track but can never understand how it all goes wrong. Keeping a really tight check over the past 3 days we’ve been away has shown me how quickly it all adds up and this time I was really good at making sure we took everything we could possibly need, eat and want to do! We allowed ourselves to buy a fish and chip tea, one coffee shop trip, a boat ride and our blueberry tree trip. As well as that we had a trip to the toy shop on the way out of Sheffield as the children have been earning points since day 1 of the school hoidays – seemed a bit brutal to deprive them of their hard point earning work! So here are the things that get fed into the ‘misc’ column in the ‘variable costs’ section on our budget. We have an amount to cover these things but its easy to think there wont be much to go in that section – wrong. So now the second spreadsheet has started – my Dad would be so proud. I have divided the ‘misc’ section into everything that might go in it… with room for more sections… and each and EVERY penny we spend gets put in a new column so we can keep check of how much we’re up to with all our variable costs. Theres nothing like making an obsession out of something to keep on top of how its going! 🙂

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