Day 25: The Blueberry Tree

My very own blueberry tree 🙂
Well we’ve had a gorgeous few days away. Beth’s lovely parents let us stay in their gorgeous holiday cottage in the Lakes. Had a great time visiting Kendal, Windamere as well as picking apples and letting the children loose on the trampoline and in the play house in the gardens where we were staying when the rain finally stopped! One thing I am particularly excited about are the plants that filled the car on the way home. It was so cool to have an apple tree there and we’ve loved the plum tree next to our house. We are rubbish at growing plants but will never give up! At my parents house through all my childhood we had an apple tree in the back garden and a cherry tree in the front. My parents would pay me to pick the cherries and for a few months every summer we’d have cherry EVERYthing! That tree has died and now seeing how expensive cherries are I realise how cool that really was. So we came home having invested some of our grocery budget into some strawberry plants, a funny pepper plant and a small blueberry tree! It was 12.99 and should grow to be about 4/5 foot. I bought one which already had loads of blueberries on already (the picture above is actually our tree) and our first picking session today gave us 75 grams 🙂 My aim is to cover the price in homegrown blueberries than I would have paid at the shop and then go on to grow billions more – and since they are a superfood we do buy them anyway. Reckon I’ve already got about £2 worth there! Mmmmm blueberry muffins for breakfast…

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