Day 21: What I have and what I haven’t

On a bad note I worked out how long it is likely for me to pay off my overdraft and I was a bit disheartened… but that’s if I’m realistic rather than hopeful … and its been a hopeful mood that’s got me £500 paid off in 2 weeks – which I actually don’t think can have been possible! … so I’ll stay in that mood I think.
Today I have a terrible case of house envy. I’ve just been with my Mum and Holly and Elijah to one of my mums friends houses who was throwing a family party for her grandson (who Elijah calls his best friend). I always thought I’d grown up in a big house… but its all totally relative. This house was grand with the most beautiful garden… my dream garden of loads of levels and hidey places, a pond, a rope swing and just loads of flowers everywhere, creating loads of colours and levels but not at all tidy and kept back. It was the kind of place you could set a novel to. I didn’t think people lived in places as big and lovely as that anymore… I thought everywhere vaiguely big got converted into 25 flats these days. I wonder if I’ll ever get to live anywhere like that…? Who knows… its highly unlikely but it could happen!
BUT I do have… 1. to only make a snacky tea as us three are well stuffed on yummy grown up party food and have a serviette with extras in my bag! 2. Holiday presents from my parents; beers for Joel, Emmental cheese, loads of chocolate spread, coffee and some Jean Paul Gautier Classique pefume for me!! 😀 (my staple perfume and I have loved the bottle design since I was 14) and 3. BEST OF ALL I have the keys to a holiday for our family to go on!! Beths lovely parents have a cottage in the lakes and have very generously given us the keys to go. I saw a news article all about burgulars searching blogs and facebook to work out when people will be on holiday so that they can go rob them so I’ll be vaigue but we are really really excited! After feeling run down and tired the last few weeks the idea of camping wasn’t so appealing… but this place sounds gorgeous… the sort of place we can have a fresh air, outdoorsy (apparently theres an orchard!) sort of break with the added advantage of a roof!
Another night of Ebay listing ahead … ooooh but tonight its X factor too so that can keep me company! I don’t like Joel being away – I could never be an army wife.

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