Day 19: The real addiction

Good day today. I’ve had a proper day at work today without having to balance my TTD list and childcare at once. Joel goes away tomorrow again so he took the children swimming and to the park – fitting a weekend with Dad into just one day there! I spent the afternoon songwriting with Andrew, my brother and also our GoldDigger producer. I do really love songwriting and I’ve come away with loads to work on which I’m looking forward to… but as I was sat there I did feel extremely privilidged to be sat using the benefit of someone elses expensive equipment knowing that my job was paying for that and so allowing me to spend time doing something I love doing so much.
On the way home I called into the supermarket. I have not been for ages… a good month or so since I’ve been really disciplined at doing all the grocery shop online. I’d forgotten a few things; 1. My carrier bags, 2. How annoying it is when the cashier makes comments about the items you’re buying – I actually loved it one time when me, rachel and beth were buying some things on the way to an event we were teaching at… we bought bits and pieces for the week and for our session. The guy serving me noted that I was buying 8 packs of 30 pencils by saying ‘you going to be doing a lot of writing then?’ (if he’d though about it he should have realised that someone who actually is set on doing a lot of writing does not go out and buy 240 pencils – a standard bic would do just fine) and he proceded to try to ask an interested question, or make a comment about EVERY item I was buying…until he got to the tampax…I found it funny as I looked at him expectantly and he looked uncomfortable and went totally silent. 3. I still need to be on cold turkey from that magazine aisle.
I went in for nappies and bread rolls. I spent £25. The online shopping doesn’t allow me the option of value nappies – £1.48 for 20 – loads cheaper… but not if you spend £25 on them and bread! So, I have discovered is that I still am a recovering magazinololic. Now ,not all of my £25 went on magazines, but I did buy 2 and that was me being strict with myself. I know that the real reason that Sainsburys is better than Tesco is that Sainsburys has a HUGE magazine aisle and Tesco has a tiny grotty TV Quick sort of magazine corner- it makes the browsing experience a billion times nicer when there are so many to look at like in Sainsburys! Now, I justify my magazine obsession with my artistic tendancies… I genuinely love pictures… a good book MUST have a good cover and magazines, full of design, are just pages and pages of appeal to me. Last year I did the best thingever for me and used my tesco clubcard points for a subscription to Grazia and a subscription to Elle. Previous to this I would typically buy Vogue, Elle, Living Etc, Junior, Elle Decoration and Glamour/Instyle if there was a good freebie once a month, Look and Grazia once a week, and Elle the seasonal catwalk one once a season. I’m not into celeb gossip – I avoid anything that tells me what Kerry Katona or any ex BB housemates are up to -but like fashion, design and good articles. I dont want to do the maths – I dont need to to know we’re talking about the price of a small yaght here. So using my tesco points meant I could avoid the magazine aisle all togther and saying to myself ‘they’re coming through my door, they’re coming though my door’ Elle cost £11 in clubcard points and Grazia £26.50… so you save loads if you’d buy them anyway. I get Grazia to get my ‘whats in the shops’ fix – so clothes mainly -and Elle is for artistic scrapbooking, design ideas, illustration and design and looking at photography… I dont aspire to the clothes in there. No matter how rich I was I can’t see how I’d justify thousands for a new belt. So I have managed to get through the year with those subscriptions, a few extra Looks and a few Junior magazines… (those arn’t avalable on Tesco clubcard deals but I wish they were.) Junior is my inspiring parent one – I think its brilliant and I might see if I can subcribe anyway… its great for creative ideas for childhood and every parent needs a bit of help! So I would be helped by renewing my subscriptions and staying clear again. I mustn’t lose the battle now – and honestly you should see the bridal magzines I bought when I got engaged. I gave them all to my best friend when she thought it was nearly time for her boyfriend to propose actually and we couldn’t even lift them between us. So off I go now to have some quality time reading my 2 magazines… its ok if you get your moneys worth and I’m sure I’ll learnt a great money saving tip from Junior this month… will keep you posted.
My money still hasn’t cleared on my overdraft so its still the same but I do have 2 items selling now on ebay and quite a few watchers… good good!

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  1. I actually just cried laughing remembering the moment when the guy at tescos asked rach if she wanted help packing her THREE items and she said yes because she thought he'd have to call in extra help, and then snatched the bag off him when she realised it would just be him… that was so so funny… wasn't there something related to that incident when he didn't know what to say because we were all girls and he was a 17 year old boy??! Well funny.

    i tried to figure out if i could buy new clothes today because they're ethical and carbon footprint offset and everything… consensus was that's not a good enough excuse. so new plan…
    there's a few companies i think we should approach about sponsorship deals 🙂 we wear their cool tshirts on stage sometimes, they give us them for free. but only with cool ethical nicely designed ones… YEAHHHH xx


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