Day 18: A Wish List

Since I wrote the post about my yellow stereo and my Kylie album… I keep getting flash backs to that excited, motivated, satisfying feeling of saving up for something you really want. I probably have not had that feeling since I was 10… a very upsetting admission. All my life I’ve spent time dreaming about things I know I’ll never be able to have, otherwise I find a way to squeeze chunks of the amount onto 10 different cards. When Joel and I bought our first car… well actually our second car… our church lent us money to buy a wreck at £350 which leaked green goo and stalled in the middle of busy innercity Birmingham junctions. It nearly killed us so we gave it back to the scrap yard… our second car, a desperate and urgent need, we put the whole amount onto a credit card. Our house was just a dream that would never happen until my parents gave us a huge great gift of money for a deposit. We never thought we could own anywhere but we have a home now and a ‘very long term but more manageable than rent’ mortgage. So we saved for neither of those things…
I am a terribly impulsive person… as soon as the idea has come out of my mouth then that’s it- lets go. I used to drive Joel mad… he would think we were having a hypothetical conversation about some sort of storage maybe being useful in the hallway… I would have cleared space, checked measurements and be half way down the m1 to Ikea by the time he’d realised we were weighing it up as a serious option. We bought a playhouse this summer for our children for their birthdays. A huge purchase for us. The whole process went 1. See a picture in Junior magazine of happy children with a gorgeous playhouse, 2. Show it to Joel and go on about the values of a playhouse 3. spend the afternoon looking at prices and finding the best offer 4. Order it. That whole process took less than 48 hours. And yes… that too went on the credit card.
Everything that comes up is urgent to me. I have no space for perspective and I can hear myself now saying my most common words ‘well… if we need it we need it’ and thats my justification for getting everything we can’t afford.
So my new project is a wish list… there are things we want and there are things we need. I need to learn the difference between these 2 things… that will come with time I am sure. My goal of my overdraft comes first but when thats done maybe I can save up for something … before I tackle the credit card… I’ll need a bit of a break by then at least?
1. I would like and quite need a digital SLR camera.
2. We aparently need new back wheel tyres on the car – not my first choice of exciting things to save for but if it becomes a legal thing we may need to fit that in pre-overdraft says the sensible voice of my husband- oh and to pay Joels brother back for the tax.
3. The Little Boots album
4. Some new boots this winter
5. A new pillow. Joel brought one home that was hanging around his office after someone never claimed it after a youth camp… yes I thought it was minging too to bring someone elses pillow home but its so comfy and now we fight over it – I only get it if I’m ill as a treat. I’d like another one of those. (We do have other pillows we can use in the meantime-that kind of sounds as though theres only one in our whole house)
6. An extension and the land at the side of our house with a brand new shiny amazing kitchen that makes cooking tea every night enjoyable – (This will happen when Joel’s book is published and wins that Richard and Judy bookclub reccommendation and we get rich with royalties. He hasn’t finished it yet but he’ll deserve many royalties when he has… he is such a brilliant writer and I’m extremely amazed at his creativity.)
7. A trip to America. Joel’s best man Nick – who lives in a tree in lake Tahoe is getting married next year and has asked Joel to be his best man… so at very least Joel needs to get a flight to America and preferably back… we have £100 for this already but have no idea how much it will be… a lot of Tesco clubcard airmiles probably.
8. A custom designed rag doll from an Etsy seller who makes a doll that looks like Holly.
9. A bag/purse I saw from accessorize that I fought so hard to resist and so far have won the battle but it is so nice and a really pretty necklace.
That can be it for now… I dont need to think of more things that can fight against each other to be first in line on DOMOD day (which of course stands for ‘death of my overdraft day’ for those of you who don’t celebrate such a custom) oooh … camera, camera camera

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