Day 17: A house full of jumble

So the lounge is full of loft… and my ebay listing biggest session ever has started! I’ve already felt that ‘oh I can’t be bothered to list all this’ feeling but this time I’m thinking of the 99ps! I charity bag a lot of stuff… especially supermarket kids clothes… I’m not a fan… I don’t find them much cheaper than nice shops but much less quality and no way as nice. And I don’t think they sell on like other things do. Now that Holly is at school she’s in a school uniform most of the time so she needs far less. I bought her a beautiful 70% off sale Monsoon green crocheted cardie that I love, she loves, its totally cosy and goes with everthing as its prett but also really snuggely. My mum keeps finding those cheepy knit tesco cardies on sale and buying them for her all the time. I don’t like to seem ungrateful but I just don’t let her wear them. I’m a real family photo lover though and I hate the thought of looking back at photos of our memories and my children being in nasty scratchy polyester polo neck cardys. and theres no point them wearing something yuk if they’ve got something nicer is there? So I’m now a condensed buyer. I’d rather have a few choice beautiful things that we’ve really chosen rather than tonnes of tesco sale. Elijah needs a little more but boys are simpler to dress. He has a few pairs of standard supermarket jeans and shorts and then I’ll be more choosy and choose cute t shirts and hoodys. H&M is good for little boys if you like retro stuff for t shirts and hoodys. He’s wearing his black batman t shirt today 🙂 Holly’s play clothes staple is again a supermarket pinny dress… which was £3.30 in the sale – but I bought it because it was nice not cheap – and then again a few cute t shirts to go under. I also buy clothes at least a year too big for Holly. I look at whether I can take something in to start with and then let it out in a years time, or whether it can morph into something else when she grows out of it. One of my favorite things she has is a dress…which I thought was really expensive… it cost £10 but I bought it for her for her first birthday because I loved the print on the fabric. Its a really simple A shape and I used the dress to draw a pattern from to make a dress for Holly to wear at my best friends wedding when I was a bridesmaid and Holly was a sort of honory baby bridesmaid, and now she still fits into the dress as a tunic top. She’s 5! That’s an amazing use out of my ‘big’ £10 splurge! But even now, as its maybe starting to be getting too small and may not last till she’s 6… I’m wondering whether its a 99p ebay item or whether to use the fabric to make hair clips..? Seriously I could make back more than the dress was worth doing that! Right… decided.
So the other news is that I forgot I had money in my paypal from when my parents let me sell their extra days on their disney pass on ebay so I’ve transfered some across to the OD. I went on this morning to see if it had cleared … it hadn’t but we’ve had some lovely child benefit money and child tax credit paid in. Normally they are included in our bigger budget but because I’ve shared out the other payments I’ve had to make sure we’ve got enough… and because we’re just hardly spending at the moment I calculate that I can use that or most of that this month for my targets! So thats a nice £172.80 going in I think…aaaaaaaaaaghH! My new figure is £1085.91 D I’m so happy! Can you see that second figure … its a measly little 0! That WHOLE number will soon become 3 numers (and a dot and 2 more) instead of 4. A proud day that will be!

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