… I get a phone call today with the offer of some office space for GoldDigger for £150 a month… all bills included. It would be big enough to store all our equipment (which is in a temporary, has been uninsured, place for the past year and has until autumn till we’ll need to move it but have no where for it to go) and space for maybe 4 desks. Its a ground floor office with car park and good for loading and the other 2 offices would be used by our producer (my brother) and our web designer… all very cosy! It sounds amazing… it would be the end to the problem I have of hall full of all our merch, mics, stands, projector, girls course bean bags etc. this house was never designed to be big enough for a family of 4 and the property of a charity! So I’m hoping the trustees will look into it as an option… I know we dont have enough because we’re also trying to raise enough for monthly upkeep of a van that we also desperately need… but it seems such a good offer and we’ve only got about a week to decide! My tidying and sorting and ebay selling would go so much easier! Plus, as we tend to work at our house I tend to cover any bills associated with working at home. Our bills have been high having generally between 2 and 4 people working at our house all week as well as a pre school child. I bet our bills would go down loads when Elijah is out at pre school and if I could work somewhere else. I’m really praying that somehow they just say yes- lets go for it!

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  1. I've already been looking on freecycle at furniture to see if there's any nice desks going for free and mentioned it to a friend today who said “will you need a filling cabinet and stuff? We're getting rid of an office at work so will probably have loads of stuff if you want….”
    AHH please jesus give us some money so we can have an office!! Andy told me more about it tonight and it sounds great 🙂 xxxx


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