Day 14: The resourceful wedding gift

Good job its a quirky sort of wedding I’m going to… yes this is my gift bag! Could have been done to a different taste but nothing like a recycled brown bag with a duck sticker on it! (The writing is the right way round but photobooth takes pictures mirror image) So Amy and Kenny get married today. Aim has always been the most resourceful person I know… she makes her own clothes our of bizarre remnents of fabric, jewelry out of old cutlery etc. She met Kenny, who the first time I met him was wearing a jumper he had knitted himself out of wool he’d collected himself from a sheep.
So today its their wedding… reception is in the woods and we’re all taking something along. I’ve made a carrot cake and the topping is so nice Joel and I have just made ourselves feel sick eating too much of the leftovers. Their gift list was at John Lewis but it said firstly dont get them a gift, secondly ‘or make us something’ and thirdly the gift list option. Knowing them I’m happy to give them something I’ve made… so they get some jam – which Holly has made some nice labels for as an enthusiastic designer and typer- age 5 and I’ve knitted a scrummy hot water bottle … which isn’t actually a cheap option as if I make something it has to be good stuff – so good wool and gorgeous little swirly wooden buttons, and as a new and very slow knitter – it takes ages! The kids will go in dressing up… we’re really excited! I just would like my voice back and better as I’m singing and practice tonight has left me a bit worried as my voice has gone slightly awol as a result of being ill 😦 come back please! Had a good pray with Louise about it all and am amazed at how much better I feel considering I thought I’d have to miss the whole day before. God is really very good.


  1. did you knit me my water bottle? I totally never knew that and am now WELL impressed and also feel guilty about not commenitng on it cos i really am so impressed if you did?


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