Day 13: Hair dye

Right… I have 10 minutes… because i have hair dye on my head and it takes just 10 minutes. I’m also fairly uninspired and grumpy today … having an ill day and trying to ensure I get better for a wedding tomorrow. Had loads of things I wanted to write about but my head doesn’t seem to be working … I can tell that by the amount of hair dye I have splattered all over the bathroom… eek! But actually my hair dye itself has been a conscious money decision I’ve made this year. I used to go to the hairdressers to get colour done… I vowed after so many hair dye disasters that I would NEVER do it myself again … but thats when I was blonde. This year I decided to go dark… and I figured if its just brown I can’t go too far wrong. So far though I’ve dyed it accidentally ginger, accidentally black and then the following time light brown… resulting in still quite black hair but with blondish roots – not a good look! So now I am very careful at studying the hair dye available to see which is the most boring, safe brown available. This is medium ash brown… sounds safe… but still more interesting than my nothing coloured natural hair colour – its not brown, its not blonde… I wouldnt even call it mousy… its just void of anything interesting.

Hairdressers= £35

Home dye = £5.98

Home dye on a bad day = £5.98, Bleach for floor – 70p, New towel £8, Tub of tile paint – 18.99, Bath mat – £3 (from Ikea of course) Door gloss- £12.99, Ceiling paint – 15.99. Yes people – I have made that much mess.



  1. hahaha, i'm doing mine tonight… although (showing how much of a cheapskate i am) i wanted to take it back to asda and then go get it from boots as it was a pound off in asda, but £2 off in boots (plus advantage card points)… but i didn't get around to it…
    the key to not creating a mess is having a handy helper, which is why i'm waiting for my mum tonight!! xx


  2. I'm not normally so bad… but i've been disorientated all day and all coordination was just lacking so it just kept splattering everywhere. Will wait till I feel a bit more with it and have a bleach session! (on the bathroom – not my hair – though I once left toilet bleach on my hair as a cheap way to go blonde. I slept with it on all night – didnt die but I didn't go blonde either…nothing happened…? Scientifically that makes no sense surely!)


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