Day 11 – Blogging my way out of debt.

I think I’ve got it! I think I have found the motivation I need, the tool to break the cycle… I will blog my way out of debt!

I remember one long summer as a silly student with £5,000 on her credit card and far too many clothes. I worked like mad washing pots in a sandwich shop and working in some horrid horrid clubs in the evening just to pay off my debt. I would have done anything… I even considered escorting after reading an advert in the paper until my mum informed me it was a nice word for prostitution (I’m a little naive sometimes). I worked and worked for not much pay knowing that every penny I earned was going strait to the credit card company, and so much of it just being eaten up by interest. At the end of it all I would proudly be able to say I had £0. Depressing. And so its not a motivating concept… I know I can just stay as I am, treading water and gradually getting deeper and deeper and that’s a more appealing option -or it has been until now – I think for the first time I feel motivated to move forward and start going somewhere.
So I’ll not go into all the sections of sorting that need to be done… the interest free credit cards are more like the atlantic ocean, and the student loans are a bit like the water deep under the icebergs of the north pole (ie. I’ve not even opened those letters to see what they are!) But my overdraft is my first goal… I’ll aim to do that and then set about the next challenge… working towards the day I can post on my blog that I have got there… Its there… i have that feeling of really wanting to find money and pay it in to that yucky old account!
Daily update then… £1435.32 D after paying in this weeks child tax credit! Yay… closer to 14,00 than 15,000 if you dont count the £25 interest due to come out!

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