So I’ve done it! I’ve closed… well almost closed 2 accounts. It took a long time of queuing which didn’t help the build up of my shame to be going into a bank clutching a print out of a 2005 bank statement for just one of my 2 accounts with an address I’ve moved twice since from and my passport. While I queued I tried to work out which of the Abbey cashiers would think I was most stupid for not having had any clue how to access my accounts for 5 years and I ended up getting the woman I thought would be the most disapproving. However she was helpful, didn’t tell me off once and now I have a place to write to to close my e-saver and then I get my cheque for £6.38 posted to me! Better than that though… I expected my ISA to also have about £6 in it. As I used to be able to get cash out of it I normally would have a balance of under a tenner as it never let me take out more than I had available so I couldn’t get anything out at a cashpoint if there was less that £10 in there… however as I closed my ISA in the bank today she gave me £99.88… thats so very nearly £100! Wicked!
The best best bit of it is that I have given the whole lot to Joel to take to the bank tonight… all to go into my overdraft… I’ve even put in to make it up to £100. I’d really like to pay off my overdraft and close that account – I’m pretty sure that account is whymy credit rating is so bad. Every so often I get a phonecall to tell me I need to be paying into it every month… I don’t at all do that and its always at its max. So thats the next target. I wonder if I can do it by Christmas? Ok balance -£1492.20 – ready, steady, GO!


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