Day 7- the worst one so far :(

So I have my PAC for my new phone, the plan of our families to go camping next week, a wedding present to buy and the regular bills which keep on coming out of the accounts… but today that horrid sick feeling struck…actually worse than it ever has before as we realised we’ve totally run out of money again. Not only that but we were overdrawn again in our HSBC account and had a nice message notifying us of the £75 they were going to take from us from being overdrawn for 2 days earlier on this month. I need no further motivation on this issue… there is nothing that makes me storm around the house wondering what or who we could sell to get out of this stupid state. I cried at the thought of all the money I’m waiting for in expenses and the little wages I get going strait to some nasty bank in charges and being in no better position for being paid than if I’d not been… BUT there is no point being knocked down, kicked in the head and feeling crap about it…and there is only one of those things I can regain control of today… so I’m not going to let it get to me. I hassled again for my expenses… we’ve found some credit card cheques… dangerous but necessary in this instance, thought for a second about resorting to closing all my accounts and being like Mr Mean who keeps all his coins in cardboard boxes under his bed… but then remembered that he wouldn;t have had an overdraft facility and for that reason HSBC will not let me close down any of my accounts 😦 so I sent out for help once again via the medium of facebook status…

UGH! I HATE banks… evil robbing machines… has anyone ever managed to claim all their bank charges back from one?

Response was fairly positive… consensus seems to be you can get bits and pieces back if you’re persistent and write… we’ve tried it on the phone before and they just said no… we left it at that… but I’ve been pointed towards Martin Lewis advice and waht I would love to do is claim back EVERYTHING they’ve ever taken. Quickly googling it suggests that its possible to try for up to 6 years worth and my friend Louise said that her friend tried it and got £600 back. Wicked!
But tonight is ‘the Budget’ in our house. Joel and I have located our spreadsheet which looking at what was on it I can trace it back to having been last updated in January 2005 – :s – the shame… so lets see what we come up with 5 years down the line!


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