Day 5

Ah man, this is not a good attempt at a 365 as I haven’t written anything for 2 weeks 😦 nevermind… I am convinced it will take me at least 365 days with 2 weeks inbetween each one before I am even close to sorting out my money rubbishness. Partly I’ve not written out of guilt – as soon as pay day arrived I stopped being so careful and stopped challenging myself … not that I’ve had a huge spending spree but I’ve laxed on my motivated feeling.
This weekend I went to a hen weekend. Amy one of my oldest friends and also one who is inspiringly good at being resourceful and non spending… so it wasnt a big coster. I normally find hen weekends and particularly stag weekends- (not that I go on them but being married I still have to share in the bill when one comes up) really awkward. You never really know how much you’ll have to spend, they’re quite often weekends of money being thrown around generously and many activities and particluarly when you’re expected to book a flight to another country for it. Since our family cant afford a summer holiday to a local camp site for 3 nights at the moment I normally object to having to go abroad for a friends stag do – but because we can always use the money card and having no choice I don’t tend to feel awkward anymore about that but do feel sorry for people who don’t like to admit they cant afford it. Anyway this wasn’t a big coster at all… apart from taxis and a few drinks we managed to have a gorgeous time for not much but spending the next day with 2 friends before I got the train home I got back to thinking mode again as all 3 of us in very different financial situations were all really struggling for some reason or another. Shopping together its tiggered off more thoughts about clothes … which I’ll get my head around in my next post I think … but i guess more than anything I am realising that its possibe to really struggle whatever your income if your mind set isnt set right. I think I keep hold of this big hope of my salary coming in and how I’ll be able to afford to live really differently. Maybe thats a really unwise thing to think and I’d like to think I wont just get stuck into a pattern of having far more stuff but still getting into debt and bank charges everywhere. Need to, need to keep on track!
Good to hear by the way that Beth and Charlie have been reading this… as you are both 2 of the best money wise people I know I’ll expect lots of advice and answers to my ramblings!

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