The Tithe Confession- Day 4

Now some people will have never heard of this word ‘tithe’ but for Christians the tithe is a really important thing and many people will probably think it is terrible but we don’t tithe. Its not because we don’t believe it to be important – to give 10 percent of what you earn back to God – by giving it to church. Well I’ve felt bad about not doing it for years but rather than hope no one asks me like I normally do I’d rather just be honest and be challenged rather than try to hide a guilty secret.
When we moved back to Sheffield, pregnant and I was jobless our rent was high- over half our wage and we simply couldn’t afford to live. We tried to tithe out of discipline anyway as we believed in it as a value. However every time we wrote a cheque and gave money it would bounce, take us overdrawn and we’d get a load of evil evil bank charges – so we chatted to our Chruch leaders and made a decision and felt ok about stopping our giving. The other factor which is different is that I started a job I believe God was asking me to do and I’m still 4 years later unpaid or hardly paid for that. I think giving back what you have is important but I think that can be with your time, not always finances… Its a situation we will look at again if I get paid this year…this year please! I do believe there are so many good things you can be open to happening and billions of blessing if you can be a chearful giver – it just isnt cheerful with bank charges taking you further and further into trouble and I just don’t like the lack of freedom we have by being in debt. One day we will be free of it – I can’t wait!
Greedy is not where I am aiming for – being careful has always scared me because if I’m carefree with my money it means its not precious and I don’t want to become someone who counts and tries to keep every penny and can’t be generous and full of faith with it. I can, I am sure become careful and not greedy… but I know its a fine line.

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