Day 2

So this is the second day of my spending fast. Activity-wise this day should be fairly strait forward. Elijah has a horrid cold and is really whiny today and doesn’t want to go anywhere. I would normally think different to him but I have got a mild dose of swine flu paranoia and whilst Holly and I have asthma and Elijah a cold which is keeping his defense system otherwise occupied I don’t really want to risk it… so may people I know don’t care and are writing it off for not having underlying health problems…but the 6 year old girl who died in this country only had tonsilitus. She should not have died from that. Can’t think how that poor family must be feeling… So home today it is… building houses for teddys and hopefully a bit of time in the garden if it stays dryish.
So … a day in… I spent 2.25 on 6 pints of milk (and even used one of those horrid self service tills that I hate… that was also overcoming a fear for me… I hate machines!) but that came out of my purse as my last bit of cash so my £14.67 is still in tact! However, Hollys Dancing show DVD came home with her yesterday so I owe my mum for that £17.50(!) – yep £17.50 just to spend 3 minutes of the whole 38 performances trying to locate Holly out of the 90 4-5 year old girls all with stripey busy bee costumes, all with identical ponytails, ribbons and shoes and in slightly blurry quality video. They stand in rows and then when you have almost worked out if it is her or not they all buzz around the stage and you’re back to square 1, in the meantime the camera is also panning round making it impossible – its practically the most advanced level of Where’s Wally. So yikes – now I’m feeling precious about my £14.67 and don’t want that to become -£2.83. Strategy – I’ll try stalling her on that one me thinks!
The photo above represents a night of working on sales ideas for my new etsy shop. Well realistically I got sidetracked designing a banner for it and probably a bit more so by facebook and then did a few sums. End result= a blurry and tired face and not enough sleep…. oooh and a banner and a few sums of course 🙂

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