Venturing into the dangerous territory of Etsy

The novelty of starting a mission is that I’m writing a second blog in a day… I assure you… probably wont happen again.

Etsy is one of the most captivating, mammoth, hour draining websites you will ever come across. It’s like Ebay but not just any one’s old junk… unless its 20 years old then it can be called vintage – which is allowed then it is any one’s REALLY old junk… It’s all things handmade, designed, vintage or supplies for creating amazing things. Its also less well organised than Ebay so you don’t quite know where you’ll find what you’re looking for … or indeed know quite what you’re looking for because it is full of things that other people have concocted in their heads. Like I sad…dangerous! It sweeps you up an carries you away into a mad exploration and you can’t stand the thought that you haven’t seen everything that there is to see – but because of the lack of thorough and obvious structure you cant find a way to keep track of what there still is to see… and your heart has palpitations and you start to sweat in case you miss something!
So, as a creative type I see no reason why I can’t join the world of the Esty shop keepers, design myself a little banner and get creative. I’ve spent the last week researching products I could get printed and could make if I could spend the outlay… but pulling myself back to my £14.67 reality I have resigned myself that I am going to have to start with cards. I’m not optimistic…everyone can make cards and I’m sure the creative types who journey frantically through the world of Etsy will not find card making beyond them. Still… saturated as the card market might be … I do find that a lot of them are pretty naff – yes they have a lot of objects stuck all over the front but that’s not really …nice – so I may as well give it a go. Ironically I never send cards, as I quite often have lost the ones I have made and refuse to spend money on them as I have some somewhere – so if nothing else (ie. no one buys any) then at least I’ll have more to fill my house and then I may find some when a card occasion arises. This evening then… let the card making commence.

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