Lets start at the start.

Ok … now to start something a bit different… after many years of aimless blogging about things I give way too much thought and conversation to…therefore ending up with nothing left to blog about that is interesting for me to write… this is something different for me…and hopefully something that will change my life. My life is a happy one. I am happy in my work, I have a happy home life with the man of my dreams as my husband and 2 gorgeous children. However our finances are shockingly bad. I’ve never been able to save… I have no financial strategy. I have a job that costs me money and I’m hardly paid for and I love things… just love new things, old things, business ideas that have initial outlay and then never happen … We have debts and debts but if someone gave me a big wadge of money I know I would buy a new camera and start planning an extension on the house. Paying debts off is a horribly boring things to do. But I know that month after month we get charges and the little I make for my job is often outweighed by the charges from those lovely banks who just love to kick you when you’re down.
So, I know people who have been both rich and poor in the same year but who have remained consistently good with their money … so I figure that I must be able to develop that in me – yeah? Why not. So this week starts my journey of discipline… not sure where it will take me and I hope to blog everyday… just to have conversation with myself if nothing else and maybe if I can commit to it being a 365 thing I could be anywhere by this time next year – maybe debt free with my own beach house in Malibu – (not that I would really need that) The trigger for this is that I have just been left alone.. my husband Joel has just left to take a group of young people to Soul Survivor and for the first year I have decided to stay home with the children rather than take them. I realised last night that we have run out of money and though I had been planning various things in my head to fill the time (as I’m not great at looking after the children on my own – it must be said I find it really hard!) I looked at our balances to find all the credit cards, all the overdrafts maxed out and just £14.67 to last us till the end of the month. So that’s what we have. I know to some people that would sound impossible, but to some its a wealthy position to be in… I’m not trying to sound poor and get sympathy… its what we’ve got and I know I need to pull on my creative skill and discipline to get us to the end of the month… so its a personal challenge. I have got a half stocked fridge, I have half a tank of petrol, hopefully no bills still to come out – so we’ll see what we can do. What I want to do is not merely scrape by hating everyday but to enjoy it so much, being aware of saving so that I carry it on and even think of ways to make money… I don’t want to spend my life in debt so I need to start the big climb somewhere. Here’s to a steep hill!

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